Freedom From Corruption

Author: Rajesh Madhavan


I am writing this deeply inspired by the initiative of a 71 Year old Gandhian, Anna Hazare. He has the speckles personality to bring India together for a common cause. All of us are frustrated to all the corruption and lobbying that’s happening around us. Our leaders spend more time in mud smearing on each other than thinking about our growth. Till date I didn’t know how to come up against all this atrocities. Now I know the importance of living a clean life. Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare (Anna Hazare) proved himself as a true Gandhian by choosing the path of non violence and “Sathyagraha” to achieve something that was nearly impossible. I was moved to see that even small kids were a part of the sitting. Glad to see that we Indians are united not just for cricket AnnaHazare

This is a warning bell for all who feel that they can do what ever they want if they are elected by the people. They should remember that if they are elected by the people the should be of the people and for the people. Any exceptions to this will not be tolerated to any extend. What the media has seen in Jantar Mantar is just a tiny fraction of people. If needed a mass standoff will be initiated if the government fail to stand by its promise.

The delta between elected representative and the true leader is clearly distinguishable here in this historic event. The malign politicians made the system so tampered that the Public Election can never be called as the actual representation of the people’s will. Now getting into politics has only two reasons 1. To Get Power and Make Money. 2. To Safe guard the disproportionate wealth they hold.

India is receptive to any good ideas. We even accepted a lady of foreign origin to be a part of India leadership. But with her influence she is making Indian politics a poppet in her hand.If you observe closely virtually she is the Prime Minister of India. A slogan that “India is not under Italy” itself is enough to bring Havoc to the UPA.She even thwarted the thought of giving a second term to the Great President of all time Dr. Abdul Kalam. If you do an opinion poll for the President of India,I am sure even now, if not the whole, a good majority would choose Dr.Abdul Kalam.Looking at the political history after Independence here peoples representatives are becoming more powerful than people and these type of leadership will definitely have a fall.

Let every politicians take this as a formal warning to set everything right; if not tahrir square will be repeated here in India. The politicians should have Nightmares from today just to figure out the scale, if it happens in India with 1.2 Billion people.

Inqlab Zindabad!!!