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It is a deep agony in me, when I think about BSNL and its customer care. The company with the largest communication network in India, but if you call for customer care you may have to speak to the watch man of some BSNL office- It happened to me. Once I took Rs 10000 from a bank ATM thinking that I could clear my four months Internet and landline bill for BSNL. My bill amount was around Rs 8600/ I counted the money and gave it to the cashier and after coming out I re counted the balance amount with me. It was just Rs 900/- which means by mistake I had given the cashier an extra Rs 500/- . And he never had the courtesy to inform me that I have paid him more money. When I went to the cash counter again and asked him if he could check with the money I gave, he said that, he cannot look for it now. He said if I want he can give me a call in the evening when he is about to close the accounts. Even though I provided him my cell number he never called me. The next day when I called him he said that there was no excess amount in the closing total!!!
Q. Who is the looser here?
A. Both of us ( The Picture does not include the Cashier, Now it is the BIG picture BSNL)
I lost Money and they lost their TRUSTWORTHINESS!!!
What say you all???

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  1. gravatar Monsha Says:

    In my opinion we cannot blam BSNL. It is not under the services of customer care. In the case of payments, there is alwas a saying that we should count the notes. One thing you can keep in mind that, dont expect good behaviour from all the people. If it so, why we need a customer care?.

    Abdul Anas monsha T V

  2. gravatar Anonymous Says:

    BSNL- Bad signal networking limited.....
    By mistake if you pay extra money to government officials...It is like putting money in thirupati hundi...Dont except it to come back...:)
    Anyways we have to learn from mistakes...dont ever go with BSNL....try different services....and be happy bro:)

  3. gravatar Rajesh Madhavan Says:

    Monsha U need to understand... If not customer service what is BSNL...
    Change the Picture in ur Mind... Customer care mean some thing more than what you think...
    It is not just answering calls and taking bills....
    It is the Total customer experience... right from the time we go and select a product till that product is out of use...

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