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help Once I was shifting my house in Bangalore. Obviously I had to shift my phone connection as well. I gave a written request for the same in one of the BSNL Customer Care Center. It took almost 25 days for them to address my request. They  gave me call, asking where do I want the connection to be transferred. I provided them the address and they came to my place and did the same. So here  we can see that BSNL lives at least 20 days that behind normal people.

And during the transfer I had to lock the out going calls from my phone. Once again I had to make a call to the Customer care. I guess and old lady, probably in the last years of her service took the call. I asked her “Please help me to lock the out going calls from my land line. She quickly answered me and provided me the instructions how to lock the outbound calls. It was a surprise for me when I got to realize that I was thanking the dead phone; she disconnected the call immediately after answering me. Then i called them once again. The reason for the call was to know how to unlock the out going calls. On my first call back some one disconnected the call without even saying any thing.Then I called them one more time. This time I was a bit irate. I spoke to some one again. I got to know she is the same lady I spoke to before. I asked her is it the way you do customer service. Instead of asking the customer if they have any other issues to be addressed or at least giving some time for the customer to ask.She replied saying that she have to answer several calls not just mine. Again she did the same disconnected the call.

Here she is getting all repeated callers. A person like me who had just one issue, to get it answered had to call her three times. If she had the time and courtesy to answer all my questions  in the first call itself. She could have avoided three other calls from me. Same applies to all other calls.

Q1.  Are we customers do we have some respect ?

Q2.  Are we living on them or do they living on our money ?

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